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Mobile App Development

Dakin Mobile App

Dakine is a social networking application for sharing wonderful moments between family and friends, in the cafes they love the most.

Mobile App


Saydalia app provides a wide range of nearby pharmacies that offers a discount for drugs and health care products

Mobile App

Rely on me App

Rely app allows service providers to offer their services in a competitive and innovative way to ensure the best experience.

Mobile App

Urate App

Urate app lets you share your experience with family and friends, rate stores, and add comments that help them explore them.

Mobile App

Perfit App

Perfit app often focus on weight loss, but they can be helpful to use if you’re shifting to a new diet. It offers help figuring out if you’re getting enough nutrition.

Mobile App

Wifi Spot

WifiSpot enables you to make money instantly. All you need to do to start generating income is to create a free account and install our app.

MObile App

Jawlatt App

Jawlatt News App, A Free application that provides you with the latest news from your selected sources, such as local, international, political, sports, technical and women’s news, with alerts for breaking news.

Mobile Application

Imtyazat App

Imtyazat Mobile Application provides better ways to reach discounts and offers all over qatar. the UI is highly user-friendly and users find it really easy to order and pay.

Mobile App


Yazy allows you to explore, compare deals, and plan trips! Download Yazy for an easy and fast booking experience with secure payment, and travel confirmation.

Mobile App

Aslta Tribe

A tribe is a very distinct idea that increases effective communication between members of tribe, and it also achieves harmony in the dissemination of events, news, videos and photos between members of the tribe.

Mobile App

Online shop

With onlineshop, You can get thousands of offers at popular places near you, and enjoy a simple way to save on everyday experiences.

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